Docs By The Sea Gives A Fresh Air for World’s Documentary Film Makers

August 17, 2018, 12:45 pm

Bali News - Docs By The Sea Gives A Fresh Air for World’s Documentary Film Makers

For about 31 documentary film projects from 10 ASEAN countries enlivened up the 2018 International Documentary Forum, Thursday (09/08/2018) at The Patra Kuta, Bali.

BADUNG, NusaBali
In its second year, documentary film event of ASEAN, Docs By The Sea, was re-held. Actually, Docs By The Sea is a platform for global documentary film makers in Indonesia and ASEAN for being connected to international investors for documentary film industry. This event was held during 2 until 9 August 2018 which was still trusting Bali as the host.
For its smoothness, of course, Docs By The Sea was not alone. There were some popular brand names which engaged with the event, such as In-Docs, Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (IACE/BEKRAF), AND Go-Jek. In-Docs itself is a non-profit organization which has dedicated itself and meritorious to find new talents especially for documentary film in Indonesia since 2002. While, IACE/BEKRAF is a government organization which concerns to creative industry in Indonesia, such as In-Docs and Go-Jek.
Something that made a different from the previous Docs By The Sea (2017) was, there were more participants registered and the decision makers (investors) were also eagerly for coming again and investing because of the success of the last event. From total amount of the projects, which were 31 projects, 12 others were from Indonesia. Aware of this, it could be seen that the Indonesian documentary film industry had been grown up well. Through the 38 decision makers which came from 14 countries around the world, which later on would invested their fund, it would give such ‘a fresh air’ for the sustainability of Indonesian even world’s documentary film.
Seeing the crowds of interest coming from the participants and investor, Amelia Hapsari, the Program Director of In-Docs viewed that this event was very successful, it could be seen from so many documentary film projects especially from Indonesia which got offers from the international investors.

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